About Viva ICF

Viva ICF is a new specialized division of Veldhuisen Construction Ltd. We have been providing solid foundations for custom homes since 1992. Over that time, we have heard the stories of hundreds of homeowners. Many have experienced the problems of a poorly constructed basement - mould, moisture, cracks, poor insulation and difficulty heating. In short, uncomfortable and inefficient. Everyone wants to avoid those problems in their new home. 

Building science is continually modernizing construction methods. Energy efficiency and home comfort have become key priorities and we are eager practitioners. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) gained building code acceptance in the 1990s. For the last 20 years, ICF foundations have been an integral component of our homes. The best non-scientific endorsement we have for our ICF foundations is 100% client satisfaction. Not one homeowner over all those years has come back and expressed regret about having an ICF basement or about having our company provide it for them. 

Viva ICF specializes in well-constructed ICF foundations, plumb and level, warm and dry.  Quality materials are assembled by our competent installers on time and on budget. Your framers and other trades will appreciate that but more importantly, your clients will thank you (maybe you are the builder and the end-user client)! There’s nothing not to like about a comfortable well-built home … and every well-built home starts with a solid foundation.

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