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VIVA ICF installs premium ICF foundations for custom and modular home builders as well as owner builders. VIVA understands the importance of a well-built foundation for every home and has the experience and expertise to help you achieve that goal. Your home building project will start with a solid foundation. 

The happy ending will be a warm, dry, insect-free basement for generations of satisfied homeowners. 

VIVA ICF Benefits for
Home Builders


Cost Effective.

The overall cost of an ICF-constructed basement will be similar to a conventionally constructed one that is framed and insulated to R-20 or better.

Superior Product.

Maximum strength, continuous insulation, and the integrated structure of ICF make for a higher quality product compared to traditional poured in place concrete foundations.

Code & Warranty Compliance.

ICF systems are building code and warranty approved for both modular and site built homes.

Schedules & Timelines.

We understand schedules and deadlines and will fit seamlessly into yours.

VIVA ICF Benefits for
Home Owners



The insulation qualities and high thermal mass of ICF basement walls keep a home cool in the summer, warm in the winter and dry all year around.

Air Quality.

ICF basement walls significantly reduce the possibility of moisture intrusion. This in turn minimizes the potential for allergens and air-born irritants produced by mold and rot.

Energy Efficiency.

Homeowners save money on heating and cooling during the entire life of the house because of reduced energy use.

Quiet Spaces.

ICF walls reduce noise transmission creating quieter spaces for sleeping, media or working. 

Our 3 Step Process



  • Accurate excavation and elevations​​​​​​​


Form & Pour

  • Level footings on solid ground
  • ICF blocks and rebar professionally assembled
  • Fresh concrete pumped and vibrated into place



  • Approved waterproofing membrane
  • Weeping tile and washed rock drainage system
  • Careful Backfill

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